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The other day I heard someone ask God to move in and force the “darkness to move”. Instantly, I thought that darkness doesn’t move, does it? As is my custom, I thought about it and came to a speedy and sensible answer.

The color, white, by definition, is that color because it reflects all light sent at it. However, the color black is created by observing all light sent at it. But, there is a separation between black and darkness that few people correctly distinguish.

Black, as noted above, observes all light before it can be considered black, whereas darkness is the absence of light.

Now, someone might say that you can still see darkness in a corner or shadow in a lighted room. This sounds like a solid argument but, we need to understand the true meaning of darkness.

We might say it is pitch black/darkness out. This, in strict terms, would mean there is absolutely no light anywhere with the range you have termed, “pitch darkness’. So far in my studies, I don’t think you could find an area like that very easily.

But, what are shadows and other dark areas then? Are they black areas? Not necessarily. See, when light is behind an object and it casts a shadow, that area between lighted area and lighted area is called a shadow. To many this looks like a area of no light. Now, not that I’m entirely, 100% sure, but I believe that that shadow is a vacuum of sorts (in other words, it doesn’t have light so it is darkness). Thus, if it does not have light how can we only see the area where the shadow is hitting a surface?

That is where it gets a little trickier. I believe, if this shadow is a vacuum of sorts it does not have any light thus you would not be able to technically see it. However, you might imagine you could at least see darkness. But, think about it. If it is a vacuum then you would kind of be able to see through it, thus allowing you to see what the light has made visible beyond the shadow.

It all sounds confusing but, according to my theory, you can’t see the darkness of a shadow because it is a vacuum of sorts that doesn’t allow light, thus, when there is light causing the shadow behind the shadow itself, which is what your brain will process.

But, what does this have to do with light moving or disappearing?

Well, as far as I see it, darkness is the absence of light. And, as far as I see it, evil is the absence of good. So, I put two and two together and guess what it equaled? Four, I know. But, guess what darkness and evil equaled out too?

God, when He works, doesn’t move evil to the side, instead He makes it vanish, like darkness when light comes. Interesting, right?