Last year I made my Christmas post incredibly easy simple by saying this, here. This year, I hope to take you on a little journey that will, hopefully, “rock-your-world”. But, first, I want you to got to They Speak and read the article there. If you don’t want to leave this page then read on from here:

When the Christmas time comes around, many people think of the little nativity scene. For some, it is just a small sample of what they know about Jesus. For others, it is just another decoration to adorn the holiday with. Unfortunately, for both groups, many of them do not even know the significance of that scene.

Awhile back, I was introduced to a new prospect: not everybody celebrated Christmas. Funny that I should learn that tidbit of information just days, or maybe hours, before I wished some kids in my school a Merry Christmas. Guess what one of them said back to me.

Paraphrasing: “I don’t celebrate Christmas because I’m not a Christian.”

For some reason, I respect what this kid said. I mean, why in the world do millions of people who are not saved, even celebrate Christmas? After pondering the last question it leads us to a new one: what is the reason of the Christmas we are celebrating?

According to hundreds of books, movies, CDs, etc. the meaning of Christmas is giving to others and helping others. Others hold similar views but they mix their own little theology in there. Then there are those who don’t celebrate Christmas because they know that it is a Christian holiday and why should they celebrate it if they aren’t Christian? And then, you have those who believe it is about Jesus’ birth. Last but not least (actually, it technically is least since it is the rarest view), we have those who believe Christmas is about Jesus and His divinity, perfection and ultimate sacrifice.

As we can see from the first three views, those people are not Christians or do not see the full meaning of Christmas. On the fourth view we have a mix of Christians and non-Christians. Of course, many non-Christians are willing to admit Christmas is about Jesus birth, but how many of those “many” will admit it is about His divinity, perfection and ultimate sacrifice? Are we that confused about Christmas that we can’t distinguish our views from the world’s? That makes me sick, it really does.

In order to make this shorter so you can get your daily wisdom for the day, I will send you to an amazing outline of an even more amazing sermon by Adrian Rogers. This message started a lot for me and I believe it will change the way you see Christmas.

To conclude, I believe it is incredibly sad and plain out hypocritical for Christians to believe that Christmas is only about Jesus’ birth. It is more than that! We are talking about God come down in the form of a Man!

We are talking of an infinite, amazing, all-powerful, all-knowledgeable, holy, perfect, just, indescribable (I’m doing a pretty bad job at describing Him aren’t I?), Creator of the world coming into the body of a creature so low and weak that a mere prick of something causes pain! Can you imagine that for just one moment! That is all I ask of you this Christmas.