What a human might say to a human.

When you are mad at your computer and it gives you some half-loaded, mutated webpage, don’t be mad. Instead, think of how those mutated DNA strands arose to all of life today!

The webpage can only get better from here!

And when you search a website and find a missing link, rejoice! Evolutionists have been searching for hundreds of years for those missing links and you just found one! Make sure you notify them right away.

When you write on a Word document do not fret when you make a mistake. Instead, let that mistake sit there for a long time. After you have waited keep writing and writing. Eventually, so many mistakes will fill your document that it will be unreadable. Do not fear! These mistakes will all work out for good in the end and produce a wonderful document. Don’t worry . . .

What Satan is saying to humans.

Oh, when your little niece dies of a heart condition, don’t worry! That was Nature’s way of getting rid of the weak, Evolutionists have awed at it for years. Now, only the strong and able will pass their genes along. We will come out better this way. Isn’t that comforting?

And don’t you dare scold those wild kids, they are just higher animals. Why should they be held to a higher standard when they are the same wild creatures we see in a zoo? Just don’t punish them, instead, expound on their evolutionary behavior.

When children start committing suicide because of the pointless lives we teach them, don’t fret. Those who cannot handle the truth as we Evolutionists deem it, they should evolve their thinking with us instead of going bonkers. Don’t make a big deal about them.

And when your son decides to kill a lower “race” than him and blames it on his animal past, let him slide. Those who can take care of the lower human-animals are worthy of double the honor.