When Christmas comes, movies, TV series, audio production, books and the like burst forth with all kinds of stories about Santa Claus. It seems, for many people, Santa Claus is a modernized Jesus.  In fact, in many places, if you search for “Christmas” you will get more picture or articles about Santa Claus then you will about Jesus Christ. Interesting how the world has twisted our mind about this, isn’t it?

Most of us know the connection between a nice man, Saint Nicholas, who helped the poor and the modern Santa Claus but there are more similarities between a modernized Jesus and Santa Claus than between Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus.

As the story goes, and is taught, Santa Claus has his own little group of elves that help him make presents and deliver them. He usually is at odds with Jack Frost and somehow Santa Claus keeps tabs on all the children of the world and if they are “good” or “naughty”. I’d say, here, we have a classic, idolatrized view of the “gospel”.

See, we have the evil guy, Frost, and the evil children. Of course, those who are evil, following with the idea from the tainted “gospel”, do not get the presents, or salvation. But, the “good” kids do get the presents and salvation, as long as they are good. Doesn’t this sound an awful lot like Mormonism, Islam, Catholicism and a whole lot of other non-Christian religions?

For me, when I hear of Santa coming I can only think of the way this idolatrous nation has twisted the Word of God to suit their own wants in salvation instead of excepting what they need in the true Salvation!

I, and all Christians, should not support any form of Santa Claus’ fairy tales for they convince a lot more about false salvation than of a man in a sled, giving gifts to the world.