Dinosaurs, as you may know, are classified as reptiles. However, they do not look that much like reptiles that we see today. One of the main reasons lies in the legs of the creatures. What is the difference? It all depends on how the creature has his legs arranged.

The normal reptile walks like a, well, reptile. He has his first leg bones spread out and then the next bone goes straight down to touch the foot, then the foot touches the ground. In other words, the reptile is sprawled out with all legs at about a 90° angle. This is how reptiles are normally shaped.

But, when we look at dinosaurs we see something completely different. Take Tyrannosaurus Rex for example. When we see pictures of him we see his head straight up its tail straight back and his legs straight up. This is just but 100% different than a reptile we see today.

It seems the only dinosaurs that look somewhat like reptiles today are the ceratopsians. But, when we see the sauropods, hadrosaurs, tyrannosaurs, etc. we notice they are standing straight up and that the least bit hunched over.

But, the first dinosaurs that were found often were made to look like reptiles today. This was before we were able to study the bones carefully and decide how they were put together. One of the best examples would be Iguanodon, who has been one of the first dinosaurs to be rediscovered by humans.

For Iguanodon, being the first dinosaur found came with its mistakes. These mistakes can be seen to the three stages that poor Iguanodon had to go through until his true figure was revealed.


  1. Big, lumbering, sprawled out dinosaur (as can be seen in the picture to the right)
  2. Four-legged creature that used tail to prop itself up
  3. Agile creature which could move about freely and go from four-legs to two

In fact, Iguanodon could almost be mistaken for a Komodo dragon when it was first found and reconstructed. Nowadays, it looks more like the agile, unlimited dinosaur God made it to be and less like a reptile we would see today.

For those who see God as the creator of dinosaurs, they should have no problem realized seen that every dinosaur, including Iguanodon, was made perfectly. It is our human interpretations that sometimes get in the way of the true reconstruction. And that is something we have to be careful about.