herrerasaurus_992_600x450Many people wonder why dinosaurs are so important. And maybe you think the same. I mean, what could be so interesting and important, aren’t they just a bunch of dead reptiles? What could be so important to spend your whole career researching it? And why would a Christian use many years of his or her life studying these dead reptiles?

Believe me, it is no waste of time. And if anything is important it is studying what God has made and said. In fact, dinosaurs just might be the most important witnessing springboards that were ever made.

When we look at nature we see, everywhere around us, that creation is important to God. He made everything so perfectly just so we can enjoy and use it. Just look at the amazing complexity of single snowflake. If a dinosaur is not to be viewed in the same way a single snowflake can then why would God make such a creature? A group of creatures. Creatures that are so amazing, that they have led lives for many, many decades.

To me, that sounds like God wants to show us through these creatures. And, if we never study them, how will we ever know what God planned for us through them? There seems to be only one way, the way in which we look at them the same way our Creator does!

So, how can we see them in the same way God sees them? We must first look at what He has chosen to reveal to us about these dinosaurs. And, He has shown us a lot!

What exactly has He shown us? He has shown us how these dinosaurs ate, what they ate, how they might of thought, how they saw, and He has even shown us some of the epic battles that raged between them.

For the rest there’s only one way to find out. And that is by reading and researching what we know and looking at the dinosaurs through what we believe.