Water is an amazing tool. It is also an amazing cleaner. Oh, and then it is a great cooler. That and it supports every form of life. And that doesn’t even mention the way in can save lives in a way no other thing can.  Here are some of the ways we use water:

  1. Cleaner
  2. Tool
  3. Life Supporter


Nearly everyday, or everyday, we use water to wash our bodies. We use them in showers or just to wash our hands. What makes water such a great cleaner?

Water is a very flexible substance. It runs extremely easy and often catches whatever is in its way. When gravity and water collide in this way they can easily remove any thing that isn’t attached strongly to its host.

This all makes water in amazing cleaner.


When a manufacturer needs to cut a thick slab of metal or wants to make a specific tool or product, they might use a water jet cutter.

This use of high-powered streams of water to cut things leaves a cleaner edge and abrasive material can be added to the water to cut harder and thicker things. This cutter was first used in the 1930’s and since then has been refined to cut better and thicker.

Water, at high pressure, makes a beautiful tool for manufacturers.

Life Supporter

More than 50% of the human body is made out of water. Why do humans and all other life forms rely so heavily on water?

Clean water is essential for the body because it cleans it from the inside and makes sure the body is ever healthy. Without water a human will die. Seem too simple? Well, sorry, but it is.

God is amazing when He made water for us humans.