It is amazing, in everyday life, how many things exist in three states or have three parts. It just seems that nature is made up of threes. But not just natural things, it also seems many spiritual things consist of threes. However, that just might have to be saved for another time. For now, water is our subject and the trio it exists in is rather interesting.

Water exists in three forms, liquid, solid and gas/vapor. When you have the vapor form you can have it rise and then connect with clouds and then rain down into liquid form. Then you can have that rain freeze overnight and turn into solid form. And then, if exposed to heat the ice will melt back into liquid form and then evaporate into vapor form again. For water, it is very easy to switch between all three forms.


So, we have looked into the liquid form of water some over the last couple of weeks and we find that it is made up of clustered water molecules. These water molecules, in turn, are made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

When trillions and trillion of these water molecules cluster together they form a water droplet. When trillions of trillions of trillions more of the water molecules cluster together they form a gallon of liquid water.

Liquid water is an amazing solvent and is absolutely needed for life.


As we have talked about numerous times (some of the discussion is here, here, here and here) when water begins to freeze the water molecules bond together and form hydrogen bonds. These bonds are arranged, by God, in a certain way so that they can expand outward and form ice. Without this hydrogen bonding and the perfect crystalline structure it produces in freezing water, ice would not be possible.


The gaseous forms of water are invisible to the naked eye and, believe it or not, clouds are not water vapor. They are actually water droplets that are incredibly small and need to connect to some kind of “weight” before they can plummet to the surface.

But, when water does evaporate and turn into gaseous form, it will ascend into the skies. Depending on other factors it may or may not connect with other water vapor and eventually form the water droplets, or ice crystals, in that case it would be a solid, that make up the clouds. At this point it goes from vapor to liquid.

What Does Water Teach?

When I look at the way the three forms of water interact I often think of the way the real Trinity exists. They are One but they exist in three forms, just like the water.

When we look at water we see that it is something we need to live. In the same way the Trinity is what Christians need to live and survive spiritually.

When we look specifically at liquid water we see that it is something that can be applied with great pressure so that it can cut or remove food from a pot or metal from a slab. With the same kind of force Jesus can remove our filth and wash us clean.

When we look at ice we see the way it can tear something apart simply be getting a foothold. When liquid water gets into a crack it will freeze and expand, making the crack bigger. When the water thaws again it will go further down into the crack and then freeze again. The crack will get bigger and bigger until the crack splits apart whatever it has been working on.

In the same way Jesus Christ can get into our consciences. Then, the Holy Spirit will enter and start breaking apart our little “safety blanket” and expose all our sin and guilt. It is only then that Jesus Christ can wash us.

Then, we come to the vapor form of water. Vapor is invisible to the human eye. As is God the Father. Vapor is, essentially the backbone of water because it can form into solid or liquid. God the Father is similar. He exists in Jesus Christ through a liquid. Then He exists through the Holy Spirit as a solid. He, like water vapor, is all part of the cycle and is unlimited in any way.

The way I see it, Jesus Christ is the liquid, washing our souls. The Holy Spirit is the solid, showing us our filthiness and need for a Savior. God the Father is the water vapor, invisible to humans and ever indwelling Jesus and the Holy Spirit.