When I first heard of hydrogen bonding between water molecules and the shape they form I just naturally assumed that the hydrogen bond involved both hydrogen atoms on one water molecule to attract and attach. However, after deeper study I learned something different.

Now, not everybody is exactly completely agreed on the different shapes the hydrogen bonding molecules will take but here are some of the ideas (hydrogen bond structure is on the left side of the image):

Or this one:

I think, from the multiple sources I have found that the second picture is more accurate in its depiction of the crystalline structure.

It actually seems that the hydrogen and oxygen atoms join instead of the hydrogen atoms bonding. I’m going to illustrate my point with some graphics I made. Yes, I know, I’m really taking this water stuff seriously.

A single water molecule (red oxygen atom and gray hydrogen atoms):

Five water molecules hydrogen bonding in the water fashion:

A as-close-as-a-human-can-get-to-a-hexagon-with-hydrogen-bonding model for the first hexagon started, the ice structure will continue to grow from here:

I have only messed with 42 of the some 600,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms in one drop of water. Imagine the designs that could be made. It is so amazing! Happy Thanksgiving!