I love pterosaurs. I also love learning how these creatures would have moved, behaved, fed, etc. The above GIF image was made by someone in the paleontology field and I decided to share it with all of you so we could study the movements of pterosaurs (if the picture doesn’t work then view it here).

As can be seen by the above image, evidence supports the theory that pterosaurs were quadrupedal (walked on four legs, or two legs and two hands) when on land. Why do they believe this? That, my friend, is a very interesting and worthy question. Buckle in.

The hing legs of pterosaurs, generally, are not all that strong. Because of this you most likely are not going to have pterosaurs walking around like the Pteranodon team on Dinosaur Train. No, instead you will have creatures with their wings folded up and the hands gripping the ground beneath them while using their legs. If you see the above GIF you will see how it all works out.

This is quite a big debate because it raises many questions about feeding, defense, etc. Maybe we will be able to touch on that sometime. For me, I’m still fascinated by the way they must have folded up their wings, don’t exactly see that everyday.