Photo from Wikipedia

In Genesis 6-9 the Bible tells us of the time that a global flood wrecked the world over and completely devastated everything. This is a fundamental point for Christian Creationists. So, what could that possibly have to do with our subject: the clam? I thought you’d never ask.

Clams, when they die, open up wide. That is why, when you go to the coast, you find shells open or at least loosely shut. And, you will find them empty, most likely and hopefully. They might not smell that great.

Anyway, on mountains, deserts, oceans and just about every other terrain on earth we find fossilized clams. Shut, dead clams. Now, how can we find millions of shut, dead clams? Clams open when they die. The only explanation, they were killed suddenly and compressed to the point where they could not open their shells after they had died.

So, what did the clam teach me? It taught me to trust the Bible because we know it is divinely authored.