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I am a big fan of squirrels. And, the red squirrel is one of my favorites. Although I usually have them as the bad guys in my stories, I still love the important fact they teach us in life.

Beware of Danger

In  Matthew 7:15 it says:

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

For many animals, it can be hard to spot a predator. That is why God has created the Red Squirrel. When this animal sees a predator it quickly starts chirping. This chirping not only warns his fellow squirrels but it also gives a heads-up to other animals in the vicinity. For all the animals of a forest, a Red Squirrel’s chirp means, “impending danger!”

However, occasionally, a animal may cast aside the screaming warning from the Red Squirrel. By then it may be too late for the warned prey.

See, the lesson the Red Squirrel teaches us is about the conscience. We, as individual human beings, have been created with a Red Squirrel in our mind, the conscience. This conscience sounds off warnings as soon as an enemy is seen. However, we often ignore the warning and usually do not have the time to escape the coming predator.

So, listen to the Red Squirrel, it may just save your life, in more ways than one.