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Organization is a very important part of life. Non-life can have organization but it can’t have cellular organization as it cannot be made-up of cells.

A clear definition for a cell, according to our exploration into life, would be:

Smallest object in the universe that can still perform all the processes of life.

The absence of cells in a object clearly states that this thing is not living. I find it interesting to look at it this way. A cell, after a certain amount of time will reproduce by copying itself and breaking into two. These daughter cells will then break apart and form two more daughter cells. So on and so forth.

Think of a piece of pizza. The longer you leave that piece it it is going to break down, it isn’t going to start getting bigger because it has cells reproducing. Only a living thing can do that. Imagine a reptile. It is born, as it grows more and more cells reproduce in its skin, muscles, bones, etc. The baby grows. And grows. Grows. And it doesn’t stop reproducing cells until it dies. It is a very easy way of determining if something is alive.

I have attached a video that my biology teacher gave me. Of course, they had to insert their billions of years but other than that I found the video fascinating! Oh, it isn’t a documentary or anything. It is just some printed words with amazing computer graphics and music. And to think they processes actually happen in our body all the time.