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Now, something that non-living things cannot ever do is obtain and use energy. They just can’t do it. For instance, have you ever seen a bucket of water chasing down a gazelle? Or maybe you have seen a flash of lightning go streaking across the sky at lightning speed (no pun intended) to pick off a goose for lunch? Or, perhaps, you have witnessed a computer pounce on a human, suddenly, and overtake and dine on them?

Of course, you have never seen something like that because non-living things cannot do that. Those things that are not living can not seek, obtain and use energy like you, an animal, plant, or any other living thing can. Ultimately, in our SHAREGO, energy is the first one that cannot (even though others one got really close) be done by non-living things.

Since it is one of the Lively 7, seeking, obtaining and using energy is a vital characteristic of life and its survival. If you think about it, energy literally consumes our life.

Everyday, unless you are stranded in the desert or something, you eat food to obtain energy. Your body uses this energy. Everyday, trillions of animals eat plants, insects, other animals, etc. They do this to obtain and use energy. They are living things so they need energy. Then, everyday, quadrillions of quadrillions of plants obtain and use energy from the sun through photosynthesis.

Bottom line: all living things seek, obtain and use energy.