I am finally able to write an article on Zooneden! I have been waiting for a long time but just have not had the time.

I would say a few aspects of Zooneden creatures (as far as we will explore them) would be as follows:


Often found sketched in caves

Creatures normally labeled as prehistoric

As far as we know, extinct

These, I say, would be a few aspects of the creatures we will be studying. I promise, as soon as I have time, I will write more for this section. But, for now, let’s go a little deeper into the history of Zooneden creatures.

Zoonedens have been branded, by the evolutionists, prehistoric creatures. This word, “prehistoric” means “before written history”. Such a thing does not exist since God has recorded history since the beginning (Genesis 1:1).

So, Zoonedens are not prehistoric. But, what are they?

Zoonedens are any number of mammals that are now extinct, at least as far as we know. They can normally be called Ice Age creatures and even mega-fauna. These creatures were the giants of post-flood ages. As the dinosaurs started to die out these creatures started to die out as well. But, they did it slower and have been better preserved in images and fossils.

The world of Zoonedens is one full of design and complexity that would shock the weak mind of man.