It was summer, the thunderstorm was very loud and close. A little girl sat around the radio, accompanied by her brothers and sisters. This girl’s name was Pat. She was only eight or nine years of age on this Saturday night.

It wasn’t a big house, the kitchen was fairly small and a stove rested next to a window. It was through that window that something magnificent happened.

Pat turned to look as a bright, concentrated ball of light passed through the closed, paned window. This ball floated, not slowly mind you, to the other side of the kitchen as a bolt of lightning hit a nearby tree. The radio died down as the electricity went off. The ball reached the other wall and then floated back through the window.

The window was completely intact, no holes or melted glass stained the window and not a single bit of evidence remained of the bright intruder. Except the image it had engraved on a little girl’s mind.

That little girl would always remember that day and some 70 years later she has finally heard of ball lightning. She was blown away when someone told her about ball lightning and what other eyewitnesses saw.

I consider my self blessed, as should you, to hear of such an amazing eyewitness (who is a very strong Christian) that God provided for our study.