Normally today would be a day for a post on abortion but because of the difficulties I have been experiencing lately I decided to post a standby: an article on the strange fossils of necks. Compsognathus is the dinosaur of interest but many other dinosaurs have been found with this condition.

Normally when an animal dies, and if it gets buried and fossilizes, it would look normal. However, many, many dinosaur fossils (and many other fossils) have a strange pose referred to as the “opisthotonic death pose”. This pose has the neck bent so far back that sometimes it almost touches its own back with the top of the head.

Evolutionists have since come up with ways this could happen and their favorite is when the animal died its neck muscles tighten up and pull the neck way back. But, this doesn’t make sense because they have left chickens out, after they died of course, and their necks did nothing.

Even with this evolutionists still believe that Compsognathus died by a lake and the lake covered him up. This doesn’t make up for the death pose. Instead I propose a new theory for the evolutionists.

When the global flood hit 4,000+ years ago it carried huge amounts of sediment that would have slammed into the dead or soon-to-be-dead Compsognathus. The sediment forced the neck of the beast as far back as it could go and the sediment quickly settled. This water would have been very cold since it came from the ground and oceans. The reason I mention that is because scientists have dumped dead chickens in cool fresh water and their necks immediately made the death pose!

Since Compsognathus had been hit so hard his neck settled back against his back. With all the pressure and sediment surrounding him his neck couldn’t have moved, making the death pose final. The sediment became stone and preserved the fossil.