As can be seen from the great picture above, the Rhinoceros Viper (RV) is well-named. The horns of sorts are a grand decoration for this viper. We aren’t entirely sure what purpose these horns have. Maybe God just made them like this for decoration.

The wide head of RV is very dangerous for it can quickly change position. If the prey moves to the side or ducks RV simply turns his head in a split second and he has his meal. In fact, speed is RV’s no. 2 most important feature.

RV is so fast that, when coiled up, he can launch himself at a victim. He can cover over half his body length in one spring. But, speed is not his no. 1 feature. Stillness is.

It may seem weird that such a fast creature would have to sit still most of his life but it is true. This creature depends on ambush and ambushing come by patience and stillness.

One man who owned one of these snakes said that RV stayed in his box for three days. When a live mouse wandered by and into the box the viper struck. The mouse did not even notice him until it was too late.

The fangs themselves can be controlled when biting. RV can withhold them from coming out when he strikes. In that case the victim was fortunate, because even a small dose of his venom could kill him.

The patterns and scales of RV are the most well-known feature of this viper and rightly so. The pattern and design of these scales God has given him help him move and go unseen among prey (in a post-fall world of course).