Yesterday, somewhere around 10 pm I stepped outside to shut off the water. I was watering the lawn and it was nearly pitch black out. I brought a flashlight just to see the valve (I am not afraid of the dark; actually I love going out in the dark).

Anyway, so I was shining the light and the water first to see where it had reached (it is a water-pressure-propelled machine that sprays water as it goes). For some reason I saw a light in the trees and I though it was my flashlight. Then, I realized the light was way too small and bright to have been the flashlight.

I turned to look and immediately I froze in place.

A blue and green streak of some kind of substance was streaking down. As it descended it was leaving glowing parts behind. Red. Blue. Green. Purple. It was magnificent.

I hear there is supposed to be a meteor shower soon (August 11th I believe) and I wonder if I saw a early-comer. It was amazing. It is the little things like that that add one more smile to the day. Thank you God!