Collagen. This is a structure in the skin that makes up a lot feathers of the “feathered dinosaurs”. An evolutionists even admitted that this was collagen.

Microraptor — a feathered bird with distinctly dinosaurian characteristics, such as its tail.

Microraptor was a very unique bird. He probably could have flown well because of the design of his feathers and body. Many people ridicule the flight of a bee but guess what, it still flies.

Xiaotingia — slightly earlier than Archaeopteryx, slightly more like a dinosaur and less like a bird

The feathers-like structures on this dinosaur are nothing like real feathers. In fact, the fossil is just plain out bad. Those structures could be anything.

Archaeopteryx — the famous bird-with-teeth.

Hoatzins have claws on their wings, like Archaeopteryx did. Itchyornis had teeth. Even if absolutely zero birds on all the earth had no teeth with the exception of Archaeopteryx it still wouldn’t matter. God made all kinds of animals and He made every kind inside each kind. Archaeopteryx is a flight-worthy bird.