I have a confession: I like eating raspberries. “So?” You ask. Let me explain.

We have quite a few raspberries plants on our property and for the last two years we have picked gallons and gallons from them; it is insane. So, the other day I was out there eating some and, all of a sudden, I feel something on my arm.

Nervously I look.

A spider four inches long and probably two or three inches across is sitting on my arm. Of course, being the scientist I am, I let it crawl onto my other hand and I study it for an hour or two and then release it. What? You don’t believe my story?

OK, I might have embellished a little . . . OK, a lot. I guess it went more like this: I jumped and brushed the spider off and ran for it!

See, a lot of people are scared of spiders . . . me, I am terrified (I was contemplating putting up a very creepy picture of a spider but I’m afraid it would creep me out way too much).

The strangest thing about that is that when I was just a toddler I managed a dandy long-leg into my mouth and ate it! Fortunately, I can’t remember that but I have been told the story all my life.

Well, with my fear of spiders (arachnophobia) high I had to balance it out. So, I started liking a creature that many people find extremely creepy.


In order to clarify my enjoyment of these creatures I am establishing a new series on these creatures. If you don’t like the series (and I can tell if you do) I’ll settle it down. However, whether you like snakes or not I believe you will find these slithering beasts fascinating.