In the last edition I told all of you how thunder is formed and how that path of the lightning and thunder was spoken of by Job. Well, after further research I learned of re-strikes.

The truth is, when lightning strikes it actually strikes 3-4 times (sometimes more) in a row. But, these strikes happen so quickly that it appears as one flash. After the first, initial flash the rest are called re-strikes. These re-strikes are usually weaker than the first one and occur 40-50 milliseconds after the first, making the whole thing just seem like one stroke.

This is why you may hear multiple rolls of thunder but only recognize one stroke. In truth that one stroke was multiple strikes and the thunder came from the vacuums the strikes made over and over.

Anyway, back to Job. When Job said God made “a way for the lightning of the thunder” he was probably referring to the production of thunder but it could also apply to re-strikes. Why, you ask? When the first lightning strikes it leaves a discharge path that attracts the other lightning to the same path.

This all happens in less than a second so there is no way Job could have known about it without high-speed-cameras and viewing them frame-by-frame. And . .  Job did not have such a privilege.

The only way Job could have said that is if he was inspired by God to say it. Amazing isn’t it?