I would like to introduce to you some of the most fascinating occurrences of nature (or so they say) I have ever heard of. After some quotes you will be amazed at my theory for this strange phenomena.

There entered in at the west window of the church a dark unproportioned thing about the bigness of a football, and went along the wall on the pulpit side; and suddenly it seemed to break with no less sound than if a hundred cannons had been discharged at once; and therewithal came a most violent storm and tempest of lightning and thunder as if the church had been full of fire. (1)

– John Stowe from 1596

When that ball exploded it blew many people to the ground and they recorded that some were “marked in their garments with figures of crosses and stars”. This is the only known case where the victims had these markings. Also, from the explosion of the ball some of the wood was broken and the metal had melted. Strangely, though, none of the wood caught on fire.