I love a good old thunderstorm. In fact, my favorite natural sight is dark clouds! I just love them and I was blessed to see an amazing one this last Thursday.

It is hard to explain how a kid can go from scared of thunder to loving it in a matter of years and then to writing about. Yes, lightning alone is very amazing.


The heat of any one lightning bolt can exceed 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit; that alone is six times hotter than the surface of the sun! Actually, if you were to take each one of those degrees and count them, one every minute, you would be busy for 37 and a half days!

Even though the heat is uncontrollable and would melt just about anything into soup a human and other creatures have survived multiple strikes. One man was struck seven times in 35 years and he survived. There are hundreds of other accounts where people have survived lightning strikes.

The reason those people survive is because of the fact that the lightning itself is trying to get to earth as fast as it can, so, when it encounters a person it will hit the person in a convenient spot (for the person and the lightning) and will travel down the body through the leg and into the ground. Those who usually die from lightning strikes are those whose lightning bolts did not hit in a convenient spot for the person.