The door made a long creak as it moved on very old hinges. Even though the whole lab was 4.5 billion years old, the door’s hinges were replaced every millennial by Bob’s brother’s family.

As Bill walked into the room he saw two lights. One was shining over a small piece of paper sealed in a glass case and the other was much brighter and gave off heat. The room wasn’t hot but it wasn’t cold.

Bill noticed a small latch on the case covering the piece of paper and he carefully switched it over. Air sucked in as Bill opened the top cover and gently grabbed the paper. It was his instructions!

Bill quickly, but thoroughly, read them and followed every word. He got the super-magnifying glass and studied the entire encased pool for cracks or seals and then he studied the levels of gases and made sure they were all at the right levels; they were. Secondly, he checked the height of the water and it was perfect.

Thirdly, he checked all the surrounding cameras that had been placed on every single inch of the pool. All the cameras were working and Bill could hear them take pictures of him as he went down the checklist.

Lastly he went into the “sky-room” as Bob called it and applied a gigantic microscope across the entire pool. As soon as the microscope crossed over the pool it would pick up the slightest cell that was not water or anything like that.

Bill held his breath . . .