Buddy is the life of the PBS TV show, Dinosaur Train. I mean, he is inquisitive, always has a hypothesis, entertaining and extremely smart!

Because of the in-depth study I have previously done on  T. Rex I will not go into the characteristics of Buddy as much. You can read the study of T. Rex here.

The always inquisitive Buddy!

First of all, Buddy is quite an oddball of the show becasue he was born in a pteranodon nest! The theme song for Dinosaur Train covers how T. Rex Buddy was accepted into the family with a mere word from Mrs. Pteranodon. She says, “oh, this is your family and I’m your mom. You may be different but we’re all creatures, all dinosaurs have different features.”

It may seem pretty pathetic of me to mention this but when I was writing that down from the theme song I noticed something; Mrs. Pteranodon’s mentioning of “you may be different, but we’re all creatures”. This, to me, sounds like Mrs. Pteranodon is trying to say that they all had a common ancestor, which evolutionists believe. It may seem subtle but it is what I noticed so I thought I’d mention it.

Anyways, when meeting with his T. Rex friend, Annie and her mom and dad, Buddy finds out all about how T. Rex migrate to stay up with the meat. But, in a different episode, the T. Rex are eating carrion, like scavengers. Of course, the carrion part could be the Dinosaur Train producer’s way of keeping it more family friendly; hmm, for some reason this show has never been family friendly!

Well, with this same talk with Buddy, Annie and her parents, the observer is also taught that T. Rexes mate for life, even though it is never said right out loud. Annie’s mom (I know her name but I don’t want to misspell it) and her “husband” talk about when they met “under the stars” so many years go.

There is absolutely no evidence that T. Rex migrated each year and absolutely zero evidence for them mating for life! In fact, before the flood, it is said that it was very tropical because we have found huge plants and animals that are much smaller these days.

If this is true then the “meat” would not be migrating because there would be no reason to leave the environment they lived in. Things would have of course changed (and the “meat” may have had to migrate) after the flood but that is when the dinosaur population started to drop!

Once again, we have assumptions that are taught as fact! If this isn’t dangerous to the child or adult mind what is?