Why have bacteria in the world? Why would God make it? Can man use it?

It is kind of amusing that these three questions all have the same answer. They all relate to God’s amazing detail into even the smallest things of life and the plan He has for each one!

When you have the right kind of bacteria you can use it to change the way foods look, taste, feel and even smell like. In fact, one of the very important part of our food pyramid is actually a large host for beneficial bacteria!

What group am I talking about?


Dairy has exploded in recent times because of the discovery of what bacteria can do for this wonder of a drink.

Have you ever had a piece of string cheese? cheddar? mozzarella sticks? cheese curds? yogurt? Believe it or not but these delicious snacks are all developed with the use of bacteria! A lot of what we eat in actually influenced greatly by the good bacteria.

On the other hand, there are the bacteria you want to avoid. These bacteria are called pathogenic bacteria and are often the killers! These bacteria were not in the original, perfect creation but have branched off from the other bacteria!

It is another reminder of the almighty, powerful God that we serve and a reminder of what man’s sin has done to God’s creation!

Romans 8:22: For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.