The other day I was thinking about the rate the universe must have formed if the Big Bang were true. I started to think how in the world the right amount of gas and other substances could form quickly enough to make our universe. So, I decided I would put it in perspective and share some of it with you guys.

First off, in the beginning there was nothing, according to the evolutionist. But, something happened, namely, the Big Bang, and things starting forming. Now, we are going to imagine the birth of one star.

The Big Bang has happened and one atom has formed miraculously. Now, this atom has too form a tiny speck of gas so it can condense and form the first star. Here comes the fun part.

So, that atom has to meet other atoms and start forming. Considering one drop of water (according to scientists) can contain 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (six sextillion) atoms we can get a small glimpse into how small this first atom is. But, for the sake of the evolutionist let’s say one square inch of these atoms is only made up of 10 trillion atoms (that is giving a ton of allowance).

Now, we are also going to take a rather small star, our sun, and use that as our first star. That poor atom would need

857,418,006,425,966,404,592,025,600,000,000,000,000,000,000 (857 duodecillion) companions! If those companions started to appear at 10 billion per second it would take 2,716,993,708,095,566,217,304,312,115 (2+ octillion) years for that one star just to have enough atoms to make itself.

Now, if every estimated star were to be made by chance within the last 14 billion years then we would have 3,881,419,582,993,666,024,720,445,878,556,800,000,000,000,000,000 (3+ sexdecillion) atoms popping up every second for the last 14 billion years, to this day . . . from nowhere!!!! That would be 6,469,032,638,322,776,707,867,409,797 (6 nonillion) drops of water every second! Seriously! Something is wrong with evolutionary thinking!